Things to talk about with your gynecologist

There are some important things that your gynecologist should know. In this article, we have discuss those things that you should talk about to your gynecologist. Have a look at this article and then you will know. Make sure that you talk about all these things with your good gynecologist in Dubai.

  1. Unbearable Periods

The symptoms for the menstruation include soreness of breasts, cramps and headache. Periods are something that are painful for most of the people but for many people the pain is unbearable. If the monthly cycle is also very painful and the condition is getting bad with time, you can have fibroids or endometriosis. In this situation, it is very necessary that you see a doctor so your condition can be made better and you won’t have as much pain as you are having right now.

  • Medical Record of Family

A lot of times, your parents have blood pressure or diabetes and this could be transferred to you due to the genes. So, when you visit a gynecologist, you should tell the medical record of your family like high blood pressure, diabetes, problems of heart, cancer, etc. This way your gynecologist will make a plan for your car according to that.

  • Medical Record of Yourself

It is very important that your gynecologist know about your medical record so they can you give you proper treatments. You should tell them when you had your last periods (day or date). You also have to tell whether or not you are allergic to medicines, any medicines you are taking when you visit your gynecologist, etc.

  • Way of Life

You have to tell your gynecologist things related to your way of life such as the diet you take, exercise, smoking or other relevant habits. You have to be honest with your gynecologist so you can get the proper and correct treatment.

  • Uncommon Symptoms

Make sure that you tell your gynecologist if you any uncommon symptoms such as pain, loss or increase in weight, inflammation in pelvis, fibroids, etc. After knowing such symptoms your gynecologist will inform whether these symptoms are fine or not and will give proper treatment according to that. 

Your reproductive health is very important so make sure you talk about all the things that are concerning you and this way all your confusion and fear would be gone once you have had a great discussion with your gynecologist.

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