Complete beginner’s guide to copic markers

Copic markers can be best choice for your children either you are teaching them at home or you are developing their interest in their studies. It is fact that children attract more towards colors and fun activities during studies. Because it will increase their interest in studies and they will also learn quickly. So you can use them for making different drawings and you can also use them in multiple fun activities. You can easily find copic markers in Dubai because these are quite common there. These can be easily used in white board. You can buy whiteboard in Dubai from any bookstore. 

But if you don’t have idea about these markers or you have limited knowledge about these markers then you should read this article. 

What are copic markers?

Copic is basically Japanase brand and it is manufactured in Japan and marketed by different companies in all over the world. These were first made and marketed in Japan but due to their use and popularity now it has become popular in all countries and now these are easily available in all countries. 


  • These are alcohol based markers.
  • These are smooth and easy to blend.
  • These are permanent markers and non-toxic. 
  • These are acid free and these cause no harm to paper or to skin. 
  • These are available in 358 different colors. 

These are budget friendly because these can be refilled. So you will have to purchase it for the first time and then you can refill when needed so it will not cost you more. Their nibs are also replaceable. There is an interesting feature about these markers that these markers have guarantee of 3 years.

Their prices range from 3$-9$ and these are very reasonable including all of its features. If you don’t want to purchase whole set of 358 colors then you can also purchase colors of your own choice. Their individual packs are also available which consist of basic colors. 

These colors are useful for artists as well because these colors have their own labelling system. So artists may find ease while using them. You can also purchase airbrush with these colors so these colors are best for artists too as they have all accessories. Copic original, copic sketch, copic wide, copic CIAO are different color types. You can choose any one of them according to need and they are also available in market in complete set form.