Writing A Will – Is It Mandatory?

A lot of people often ask if writing Wills in Dubai or any other place in the world even necessary? They seem to have objection to the notion that Will can sometimes become a source of discomfort to some close associates, colleagues and even relatives of the person. However, the point becomes moot for a number of reasons and to date rarely have we seen anyone being able to contest the veracity or challenge the legal right of written Will. Keep in mind that the authenticity of the document can be argued in the court of law. However, to prove the validity of one or more objections on the document is not only difficult but can be very time consuming. Not to mention of the document was considered valid earlier during the lifetime of the person, any objections made after the demise will not be considered nor entertained.

In other words, you can say that a legal Will, provided it fulfills the criteria of being a legal and authentic document, cannot be challenged until something drastic happens. We are talking about accidental mishaps or rare exceptions that may emerge out of nowhere. When that happens, and the chances of that happening are often rare, the matter needs to be investigated and required actions are taken. Coming back to writing the Will, it is not easy as it requires a horde of legal aspects to be taken care of. It is quite possible that you might find having it a little difficult to have the Will written at first, but to do that properly, you might need to hire someone professional, someone who has been doing it for a long time. Here is more on the matter:


It Is Necessary

There is no denying the fact that a Will is a legal document and has been accepted by all as such. Hence, the importance of it being written by professional and legally accepted authors becomes all the more important. Keep in mind that the author of the will is not your everyday document writer. Chances are that the document will be authored by some professional consultant or a law firm, either of which know how to meet the criteria of a legal document. The importance of any legal document shouldn’t be underestimated but in this case, the document is going to have a lasting impact which is why many things have to be considered while developing DIFC Wills and probate registry.