FAQS about Debt Collection

There are many typed of debt consolidation and legal debt collection such as, car loans, medical bills, mortgage, credit card and others.  These debt collection agents are full skilled and experienced individuals they know how to treat and how to contact the debtor. They can’t call you at any time or at your place if you tell them your employer doesn’t allow such calls they will stop calling you at your work place. Even at home there is a time decided for calls.

Debt collection agent can contact you through emails, phone calls, text messages and letters. You can send them an official letter to stop the contact. After receiving your letter debt collector will tell you what action will be taken like filing a case or something else. You have to hire an attorney by that the debt collection agent will contact your attorney next time not you. 

Debt collector agents can only contact your friends or neighbors for the sake of finding your number or home address. They can contact your friends or neighbors only one time. If you have hired an attorney then the debt collection agent will contact him directly not you. Because the attorney will represent you. Regarding you debt account or unpaid credit the debt collection agent can only contact you or your spouse.

They must have to send you the validation notice in which it is written how much amount you owe, the name of your creditor who you owe to, and what will you do if you think is is your debt. If you think it is not your debt than you can ask about the validation notice with receipts etc. The debt collection agent have to provide you that evidence to make sure it is your debt. The debt collection agents are not allowed to harass you, mistreat you, and threaten you and any sort of physical activity. Their language has to be in a mannered way. They can’t call you back to back to annoy you. They can misrepresent the amount or they can’t lie you about government policies or you will be arrested because of this debt.

Debt collection agents earn when they gets successful in recovery of late payment. They can sue you if you don’t pay them or they can get a judgment against you by court and then they can even garnish your wages. Both the parties have rights but its better to pay unpaid debts.