Interior Decorating Secrets & Tricks That You Should Know

Interior designing may seem like an intimidating task. Some people think that they don’t have the eye to create great interior design. Which is why they settle for plain and boring-looking spaces. But top-notch interior design companies in Dubai believe that you can add beauty in your space by doing these simple home designing tricks:

  • Put important pieces on display


If you have an amazing artwork that you would like to show, then put it front and center. One of the oldest tricks in interior designing is showcasing your most valuable possession. But in the modern sense, you need to do it subtle and with class. You can do this by creating a focal point inside your home where you can showcase your statement pieces. Every design details should point to that corner so people will be drawn into it.


  • Go for texture


If you feel that your home is too plain for your taste, then why not add some texture to it. There are many ways to do it. For one, you can create texture by being creative with your wall paint. Instead of painting it with plain paint, try smudging the paint to give it an interesting texture. You can also go for other kinds of wall décor like using plaster as a substitute for old school paint.


  • Break a general rule


We always hear the “less is more” rule in interior designing. But people are sometimes limited by such guidelines. Why not bend the rule sometimes and go from less to more. Try adding more design accents in your space. But do it sparingly and strategically. It would be best if you can pick smaller design pieces and accents to add in your space. Large pieces might be too overwhelming.


  • Be mindful of the space size


When you are dealing with an incredibly small space, you might find it hard to place the furnishings. In this case, you need to let the space dictate where you will place your furniture. For instance, for small bedrooms, you can place the bed against the window wall with low headboards to let the sunshine in.


  • Make a window trim statement

Window trims are often forgotten when doing home revamps. But you can make this a statement piece by painting them with contrasting colors to complement the space’s color scheme.

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