Quayside well-being

Organising a world championship means being in a position to think about everything and everyone, from the sportsmen and women themselves to those accompanying them. Making sure that people’s well-being is achieved in all its aspects is one of the objectives that was set out in Marina Dorica when the ORC 2013 was conceived. This is the reason why an agreement has been signed with Kinesis, the physiotherapy and massage professionals.
There are many possibilities available to the participants who will be submitting their bodies to enormous stresses during the competitions, such as pre- and post-race massages for their spine, their limbs and full body massages or localised and manual treatments.
Those who accompany the competitors, however, have not been forgotten either, and they too will be able to “take advantage of” the Kinesis professionals for beauty massages or to try out the hydrofor treatment that reactivates the tissues, relaxes the facial skin and eliminates wrinkles, assisting in the treatment of cellulite.
Interesting, don’t you agree?
You will find a list of authorised rates published in the appropriate section of the website.