Friday, 28 June 2013 13:13

The talk show sails from Piazza del Plebiscito to… “Marina Dorica”

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Regardless of the bad weather, regardless of the soccer game Italy-Spain (even though updates about the italian soccer team were continually asked for), the talk show “Il Mondiale in Piazza” (lit.’The World Championship at the Square’) continued even last night. We remind you that this show has been organized by Ancona Panathlon Club and it began basically together with Adria Ferries ORC World Sailing Championship 2013, aiming to promote this great event in the city, along with its contents and values, concerning not only sports.

Regardless of the bad weather until yesterday, but not today. Since weather forecast do not leave much to imagination, it has been decided to relocate the Talk Show, hosted by Andrea Carloni and starting at 9.45pm, directly under Marina Dorica’s tension structure, in the core of the marina, therefore close to this event’s protagonists. Last appointment with “Il Mondiale in Piazza” will then take place at Marina Dorica’s triangular square. The evening will be opened and closed by “Concertino” Accordion Orchestry, composed of seven musicians from Belarus, came on the occasion of the World Accordion Festival, which will begin tomorrow in the town of Castelfidardo, and last until July 7!

This evening’s guests: Fabio Sturani (President of Marches’ CONI), Rodolfo Giampieri (President of Ancona’s Chambre of Commerce), Fabrizio Donato (Commander and Back Judge); Andrea Giorgetti (President of SEF Stamura and ex sailing champion); Tarcisio Pacetti (Past President of Ancona Panathlon Club); Tania Belvederesi (Castelfidardo’s Sport and Tourism Assessor), together with other surprise guests. Everybody is invited!

Yesterday the talk show hosted on the stage in Piazza del Papa the following guests: Carlo Ondedei (President of X Zona FIV), Riccardo Galassi (Vice-president of Ancona Panathlon Club), Gianfranco Iacobone (Ancona Assonautica’s Delegate), Sandro Spaziani (Azzurra - Moro Venezia – Luna Rossa’s sailboater), Paolo Mariotti (Past Governator of Area 5 Panathlon), Valentina Luconi (ex world-class swimmer) Giovanni Iacono (Nerina’s sailing master and skipper). Tonight, then, the last appointment with the talk show will take place at Marina Dorica. Tomorrow, however, the big screen projecting highlights and final placings of Adria Ferries ORC World Sailing Championship 2013 will again be placed in Piazza del Papa. We look forward to seeing you all, tonight … at 9.45pm!

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