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Giovanni Malagò’s compliments

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The visit from Giovanni Malagò, President of National CONI, has been much appreciated this morning. With him also Fabio Sturani, President of Marches’ CONI. Two sporting men, two people who closely know this world.

Giovanni Malagò, perfectly aware of the great difficulties behind international events’ organization – in fact he was personally involved in Rome Tennis International Competition, for example -, expressed his appreciation regarding this world sailing championship’s perfect organization, while shaking Moreno Clementi’s hand, President of Marina Dorica, and congratulating with all those who worked behind the scene of such a relevant event as ORCi Wold Championship.

Moreno Clementi welcomed President Malagò and thanked him for his presence, while pointing out “what a pride this world championship represents for the entire city, due to all the great sport moments that it offers, and for the emotions and values transmitted in these days. Ancona showed participation and curiosity, and we are glad.”

Then they gave the floor to Fabio Sturani, who knows this territory very well and is aware of both issues and excellences of Marches’ sport. Thererefore there is no better person than him to understand the potentiality and importance of an international event like this world sailing competition.”The entire Marche region should thank this World Championship, since it enables us to increase our visibility, be noticed, and be discovered. On this occasion, more than ever, we comprehend that there are two essential requirements for this event’s success: first the will and ability to ideally connect sea and land, the marina and the city of Ancona, secondly the perfect synergy among those who contributed to bring the World Sailing Championship here. None of this would have been possible without such great team work. Sport is an important value, on which our society is based, representing also a mean of touristic and territorial marketing. Marche region is aware of it, promoting therefore important events: Marche Endurance Lifestyle in the beginning of June, Adria Ferries ORCi World Championship, Gymnastic Week in Pesaro, and next regional tournament of Men’s Volleyball. We need to keep working on this!”

Malagò’s speech starts right from this vision of sport as catalyzer of energy and opportunities:”Marche region sets an example of how sport represents a valuable mean of promotion and enrichment. I want to be close to the territory, therefore I have already visited 17 regions to personally take a look at the situation, and I can guarantee you that Marches excel in this field. Sport is propelled and based on positive agonism. Besides everything else that your territory has to offer, such sporting events represent a great way to catch the world’s attention. This is the key, this is the goal to aim for, in order to maximize profits of our realities.” He also expressed a punctual consideration regarding the sailing world, often seen as a sport for the chosen few, therefore almost neglected by the majority of the audience. “Events as this World Sailing Champioship, expecially when perfectly organized and involving local and specialized press, become great opportunities to bring sailing to public attention, seen that it is one of the sports at which Italy never stood out, therefore has no great audience”.

Ancona, June 27, 2013

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