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Marina Dorica welcomes “its” world championship

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Ancona, June 23, 2013 - Tomorrow will be the first day of racing, when sailing boats will set out at 11.55am under weather conditions expected to be optimal. In the meanwhile the participants to this event had a the first taste of sea today.

They took part to a practice race to become acquainted with what will become their natural habitat from tomorrow untill June 29th.

However the real protagonist of today has been the official opening ceremony: sparkling, dynamic and pleasant. Paolo Notari, reporter and host at Rai Radio 1, and Mauro Melandri, Zerogradinord’s director and Italian voice at the American’s Cup, have certainly contributed to make the ceremony entertaining for the audience.

Marina Dorica’s square was crowded with people that took part to an interesting and amusing show, not just an opening ceremony. The main institutional representatives of Marche region were there to welcome this world championship, starting with Gian Mario Spacca, President of Regione Marche, who underlined how important this international event is for the region and how Marina Dorica looks like an Olympic village in these days: great atmosphere, great colors, great gathering for men and women who found the way to express themselves in the sea.

On the other hand the new Mayor of Ancona, Valeria Mancinelli, celebrated the importance of this city’s sailing tradition, wishing that this World Championship becomes the first step for the citizens to reconnect with the sea, while considering it as a significant part of their history.

The speech given by an excited Moreno Clementi, President of Marina Dorica’s Organising Committee, focused on the great team work behind the organization of Adria Ferries ORCi World Championship. He pointed out this event as a demonstration of Marche’s “positive energy”, which showed to be a successful result of synergic work, aiming to achieve important goals, such as organizing this world championship indeed.

Marina Dorica’s “landlords” also went on the stage: Nicola Basti, Ennio Molinelli, Paolo Manarini, and Andrea Giorgetti, the presidents of four local yacht clubs. Each one of them expressed his personal welcome to all participants and wishes for a good race.

Finally, as a closure to the institutional moment, Bruno Finzi, President of the Offshore Racing Council,  reminded the audience of what a pride hosting this event represents for Ancona, 4 years after Brindisi, the last Italian location chosen for the ORCi World Championship.

Many other important characters were present among the audience, such as Rodolfo Giampieri, President of Ancona Chamber of Commerce, Patrizia Casagrande, Commissioner of Provincia di Ancona, and Alberto Rossi, reigning world champion, who is ready to defend his title here, in his home waters.

The most amusing and entertaining moment was certainly when 13 children went on the stage carrying flags of the 13 participating nations - Finland, United Kingdom, Austria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Slovakia, Brazil, Russia, and Italy, accompanied by a meaningful song, and presented by Paolo Notari and Mauro Melandri, who shared with the audience interesting facts concerning each country.  The most peculiar?  The journey undertaken by the brazilian team, started 60 days ago, sailing all the way to Marina Dorica!

The most important names taking part to these Ancona regattas have also been mentioned, such as Tommaso Chieffi, Urakan’s tactician, Michele Paoletti, Enfant Terrible’s tactician, Federica Salvà, 2nd at the Olympics in the 470 category, and Hugo Rocha,  Portuguese bronze medal at Atlanta’96 and Scugnizza’s tactician.

Thunderous applauses from the audience, who was at last invited to enjoy a cocktail offered by Associazione Regionale Pro Loco (lit.’Regional Association for the territory’) and Accademia dello Stocafisso (lit. ‘Stockfish Academy’). The aperitif was followed by the show “Sherwood…le avventure, il romanzo, la leggenda” performed by G.A.M.S. Theatre Company, and offered by Pools&Spa Jacuzzi.

At this point there is nothing else left to say other than inviting you to watch the first regattas tomorrow and wish a Good World Championship to everybody!

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